My name is Yasemin and I want to be a part of your journey in becoming the best version of yourself.

Are you feeling called for a deep internal transformation, personal re-invention and rebirth? Is this the time to move towards something new?

Invention and transformation are rarely comfortable, and usually less likely to be accepted by the mainstream. As a bicultural woman, it has taken time for me to say “no” to the habits and expectations of my ancestors, to take a stand for myself while respecting my ancestors and make real changes.

The journey has taken me years, and now I wish everyone the sense of liberation that comes from this re-birth.

With Kardelen Guidance I want to be a part of your journey, and guide you into becoming the best version of yourself.

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If you can dream it,
you can create it.

I believe that what you imagine will become your belief, and soon you will see it manifesting in the outer world as well.

Tuning into my imagination, spending time daydreaming and experiencing Vipassana meditation for multiple times has helped me answering the questions that kept coming up. It is my aim to provide a safe space for you to go through the biggest transformation of your life.

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I would like to welcome you to the Kardelen community so that we can share the transformation and journey together.

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Together we are stronger and every individual is welcome exactly as they are. 

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    LEAP is a welcome back into wholeness, a path of surrender, a path that eases suffering. Where the awakening is into full realization of who you truly are, that’s impossible to describe in words, yet here to be experienced.

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    Psychodynamic therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on exploring the subconscious and understanding the deeper causes of emotional problems and mental disorders.

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    Family constellations are a therapeutic method used to map and understand the dynamics within a family. It is a form of therapy that explores the influence of family members on an individual.