Finding the core truths and values

This is my story

I grew up bicultural – 
a gift that had to be unpacked to be discovered

From a young age, I was blessed to have a bicultural identity – something which I had to unpack and discover.

It could be difficult to feel connected to either one culture or the other while still remaining true to myself.

 Who was I, and what were the values influencing my life?

 At 21, I decided to take a journey of exploration to try and find answers. I left the Netherlands and went to Turkey to learn about my roots.

 This was a time of intense feelings, such as distress and disorientation. Nevertheless, I eventually went through a rebirth and found the power to take charge of my own life – a daunting yet empowering mission.

This journey has been both rewarding and challenging, as I find out more about myself and create a legacy for future generations.

When I was 26, I decided it was time to jump into the unknown.

I quit my full-time job and set off with a one-way ticket to explore the world.

I wanted to challenge myself and push the boundaries of my comfort zone.

In the end, I spent 18 months traveling, starting in Thailand and ending in Colombia.


I was scared, but I told myself it was okay to be afraid and that I would discover beyond my wildest dreams if I kept moving forward.

During my journey, I did incredible things like buying a station wagon and driving to the northernmost point of Australia, completing a ten-day silent retreat Vipassana in India, hitchhiking in Iran, and celebrating carnival in Brazil – all memories I’ll cherish forever. Even though creating this solo world trip as a woman was not easy and challenging, it was worth taking the risk and doing it. 

Every moment was bringing me to myself, my home.

Dancing with life

My journey to self-discovery and reclaiming my dignity and integrity began to fruition in the summer of 2021.

After embarking on a Kaula Tantra course, I was exposed to an array of people from all around the world, with whom I explored my soul and discovered new spiritual tools to combat inner demons.

It was a powerful, transformative experience that enabled me to unlock another layer of my potential and view the world with newfound appreciation and respect.

Through this training, I gained insight into my barriers and blockages and realized that every single moment is sacred.

I also made life-altering decisions that have changed my life forever.

This course was a perfect blend of Kaula Tantra Yoga, Shamanism, theatre, and dynamic group activities, all of which helped me to engage in a profoundly meaningful self-encounter.

By trusting myself and feeling comfortable in my own skin, I was able to take a leap of faith and embark on this journey that has rewarded me with a much greater understanding of life and who I am.

What do I need to believe in order to have the life I want?

What does Kardelen mean?

When I was 21, a friend wrote a poem about me that connected me to snowdrops, a flower that symbolizes resilience and beauty.

This poem inspired me, and I named my practice Kardelen, which is Turkish for snowdrop.

Snowdrops are able to persevere even in the worst conditions, and they never fail to take their rightful place in nature.

This has become a source of strength for me, and I strive to be as strong and as beautiful as a snowdrop every day.

Would you like to start your own journey?

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